NGC 7331 is a spiral galaxy and is the largest galaxy in a group of galaxies known as the Deer Lick Group. It's about 40 million light-years away. Unlike in most spiral galaxies, where the central bulge rotates with the disk, the bulge in NGC 7331 rotates in the opposite direction. The reason for this is unknown.

Technical Information       
Date:                       August, 2009
Location:                 Green Valley, Arizona
Telescope:              Takahashi TOA 130F
Camera:                  SBIG ST-2000XM
Filters:                     Astrodon Gen 1
Mount:                     AstroPhysics 1200
Exposure:                LRGB = 130:60:60:60 minutes, all unbinned
Software:                 Acquisition: Maxim DL 5, TheSky6
                                Processing: CCDStack, PhotoShop CS3 with various plugins

NGC 7331