Hercules Cluster (Abell 2151)

The Hercules Cluster (also known as Abell 2151) is a galaxy cluster in the constellation Hercules containing about 200 galaxies. It contains many interacting spiral galaxies and lies about 500 million light years away. The Hercules cluster and Hercules Supercluster are part of a huge sheetlike megastructure of galaxies known as the "Great Wall," which also includes the Coma and Leo clusters.

Technical Information       
Date:              May, 2015
Location:        Green Valley, Arizona
Telescope:      Takahashi FSQ-106EDX
Camera:         SBIG STT-8300M
Filters:            Astrodon Gen 2
Mount:            AstroPhysics 1200
Exposure:       LRGB = 7:2:2:2 hours respectively, all unbinned
Software:        Acquisition: Maxim DL 5, TheSkyX, Pinpoint, CCD Commander
                       Processing: CCDStack, PhotoShop CS6 with various plugins