Cone and Fox Fur Nebulae

The Cone and Fox Fur Nebulae are large regions of gas and dust comprising both absorption and emission nebulae. The Cone Nebula (the southern portion of NGC 2264) is an H II region containing interstellar hydrogen ionized by ultraviolet light from nearby stars and is named for its cone-like shape. The nearby Fox Fur Nebula (also called Sh2-273) is named for its resemblance to the head of a fur stole made from a red fox.

Also appeared at  April 13, 2016

Technical Information       
Date:               February, 2015
Location:        Green Valley, Arizona
Telescope:      Takahashi FSQ-106EDX
Camera:          SBIG STT-8300M
Filters:             Astrodon Gen 2
Mount:             AstroPhysics 1200
Exposure:        HaRGB = 6:2:2:2 hours respectively, all unbinned
Software:         Acquisition: Maxim DL 5, TheSkyX, Pinpoint, CCD Commander
                        Processing: CCDStack, PhotoShop CS6 with various plugins