Leo Cluster (Abell 1367)

The Leo Cluster (also known as Abell 1367) is a galaxy cluster located in the constellation Leo. It is one of the nearest galaxy clusters and is about 300 million light years away. It’s about the same distance away as the Coma Cluster (Abell 1656) and together they comprise the bulk of the Coma Supercluster of galaxies. The Leo Cluster contains approximately 100 galaxies.

Technical Information       
Date:               February, 2016
Location:        Green Valley, Arizona
Telescope:      Takahashi FSQ-106EDX
Camera:          SBIG STT-8300M
Filters:             Astrodon Gen 2
Mount:             AstroPhysics 1200
Exposure:        LRGB = 8.3:2:2:2 hours, all unbinned
Software:         Acquisition: Maxim DL 5, TheSkyX, Pinpoint, CCD Commander
                        Processing: CCDStack, Pixinsight, PhotoShop CS6 with various plugins